This is an amazing PDF file I created when my daughter started asking questions about whether Santa was actually real. I was desperate to keep the magic alive, and heard chatting to other mums at the school they were going through the same thing. I created this Printable for my daughter, and she loved it. Not only did she learn about St Nic himself, she then became Santa herself. 


That year - she carefully selected who she was going to become Santa for. She went shopping, and she picked out a furry hat for an elderly lady she had seen walking her dog in all weather without a hat. She wrapped her gift, and quickly popped it on her doorstep on Christmas Eve one year, she wrote on the tag in her cute little 11 year old handwriting 'From Santa'.


So here I am, sharing my printable with you - so your children can become Santa every year with you! 


Please be aware this is not a physical product, and you are paying for a digital download you will print at home. 

Becoming Santa Printable